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Mitton Hall Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Mitton Hall

What a great wedding to photograph! Danielle & Dave hosted their wedding at Mitton Hall in Lancashire’s stunning Ribble Valley.

Mitton Hall Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography At Mitton Hall

Dave is a big Land Rover fan like myself, so as soon as I saw him drive up to Mitton Hall in his Defender all cleaned and polished, I know it was going to be a great day.

But we all know weddings are about people and this wedding had lovely amazing people in abundance. The guys were a scream and such a pleasure to photograph. That is when we could stop them taking selfies

Mitton Hall Wedding Photographer

The girls well… they were just as much fun

Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

Lancashire Wedding photographer

There was also no shortage of magical little moments that make us love wedding photography so much

Wedding photography Mitton Hall

Wedding Photographer Mitton Hall

We also had the super talented Mr Paul Guard to entertain in his own special way. I just love Paul’s style and the way he gets every party going with  such a swing. Love the expression on Paul’s face when one of the guests decided to take his place on stage….

Wedding Photographer Mitton Hall

All in all a perfect day for Danielle & Dave, their families and friends. thanks for all your smiles and for letting us be part of your special day!!

Wedding Photographer mitton Hall

Here are a few of our favourites…



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