Lancashire Wedding photography

We have known Hannah and Joe a few years now, having met them whilst photographing one of their friends weddings, Since then we have met them at a few other events, so it was fantastic to be invited to photograph their own special day.

As soon as Hanna and Joe started to tell us about their wedding  plans, we know it was going to be a great day.. lots of surprises lots of detail, and two of the nicest people you could wish to meet.

We were really exited when we found out the party was going to take place on Joe’s family farm in a Tipi, I have never photographed a Tipi wedding before, which is amazing considering I have now photographed well over six hundred weddings, So I was looking forward to this day for many reasons.

Tipi Wedding On A farm

The weather in the days before the wedding had, shall we say not been great!! So it was a massive relief to see a cloudy but bright and dry day when I arrived to start the photography

Steph was with Hannah and the girls whilst I did a few pictures on the tipi’s and the farm. It was fantastic to be working with Margaret Mason again on yet another wedding. Margaret is a super talented florist and she did some amazing floral displays in the actual Tipi’s as well as the outside and the entrance to the farm and of course the church itself.

The day was perfectly managed by Breda Murphy caterers based in Whalley Lancashire and the guys from Event In A Tent who really pulled out all the stops to give Hannah & Joe the day the had dreamed of and put so much work into.

It was fantastic to meet up with some past bride and grooms at this wedding and even more special as they all had their new little families with them for the day. Meeting past clients with their young children really must be the highpoint of this amazing job, its so great to be involved in these special family events and share one of the biggest days in anybody’s life and then go on to see that family grow.

Hannah’s face when she arrived at church was amazing she looked stunning.  I know I always say it but I love those moments when the bride arrives at church with Dad and then takes that long walk down the aisle. I often think its these moments that make me so addicted to wedding photography.

After the wedding ceremony Hannah & Joe left for the farm and their amazing reception in true vintage style

Lancashire Wedding Photography

But when it comes to fun… nothing toped the best men’s speeches. Joe’s two best men were his  brothers, who performed a fantastic song they had put together themselves with shall we say a farming twist complete with cloth caps!! It was amazing the entire Tipi was in fits of laughter and I can honestly say I have never heard anything like it before…. if it was on iTunes I would download it!!

All in all a simply amazing day of which we enjoyed every second …

Later in the evening it was great to take a walk down into the farm  for a few bride a groom pictures

and then we along along with our videographer for the day jumped in the Land Rover and headed off for some pictures in the fields.

As a wedding photographer days don’t get much better than this. Hanna and Joe you have been a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait to start putting together you album..

Here are a few more pictures from this fantastic day just to keep you going.


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