Wedding Photographer LAncashire

Lucy always dreamed of having her wedding on Mum and Dad’s farm from a very early age and on a gorgeous summers day her dream came true. After a lovely family wedding ceremony in St Thomas   Church in Up Holland, the wedding party made its way to Lucy’s parents farm were a stunning marquee was waiting for them and their wedding guests.

Amazing blue skies  great views and stunning wedding detail everywhere you turned.

Tom made sure his passion for cars and truck’s played a part in the day as he arrived at church in an enormous HGV tractor unit and Lucy’s dad drove her to church in superb cream Morris Convertible lovingly restored by Tom as a wedding present for his new wife. Got to say the mechanics spanner shaped cheese knives were another nice little touch:)

A fantastic day and the perfect Lancashire marquee wedding……. its always great when we get to see dreams come true and this was certainly one of those epic weddings we wont forget.



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