We have been looking forward to this wedding for some time now firstly because David and Michaela are such lovely people but also because for us Mytton Fold Hotel in The Ribble Valley is a wedding venue we have not worked at before and its always great to work at new venues and enjoy new locations.

Wedding Photography At Mytton Fold

Stephanie joined Michaela and the girls for some pictures whilst hair and makeup were being done.

I met David and the guys in a local pub before the short walk to the family church.

The day started off with some heavy skies and the promise of rain just before the wedding ceremony but with Michaela we just knew rain was never going to spoil the day.  A break in the rain gave plenty of time for some great candid shots just before the arrival of our stunning bride

Documentary Wedding Photographer Manchester

Wedding Photography Manchester

Michaela looked stunning as she arrived traditionally late in her gleaming white wedding car.

Mytton Fold Wedding Photographer

Then just as we came out of church following a really warm and emotional ceremony, the rain stopped and we enjoyed great weather for the rest of the day…

Just as we were waiting for the bride and her Dad to make their entrance, I spotted them stood in the church door doing a selfie, one of those great documentary moments that makes wedding photography so much fun!!

Then camera phones away and down the aisle to meet David, at the alter. It was so nice to see Michaela’s Dad give the groom a reassuring little pat on the back as the arrived at the front of the church. We are so lucky to be able to share and capture these magical little moment that many people just never see..

Wedding Photographer Manchester

Mytton Fold proved to be a perfect venue for Michaela and Davids special day. We had some great locations for photography and enjoyed spending time with some really great people.

Wedding photographer Mytton Fold Lancashire

So guys thanks for inviting us to you wedding day, we loved spending time with you, your families and friends.

Here are a few of our favourite picture from the day!!




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