Loved this wedding from start to finish. absolutely lovely couple, the funniest  and most lively group of friends you could wish to meet, a beautiful ceremony in a picturesque country church followed by a great wedding reception at Rivington Hall Barn. Perfect ingredients for a wedding photographers dream day!!

Over the years we have only worked at Rivington Hall Barn a handful of times and its always nice to work at a venue your not so familiar with. It makes you think, and look for new locations and I must say we enjoyed finding plenty of great locations to try some new ideas.

Wedding Photographer Bolton

The Barn was the perfect venue for this wedding and made all the more special as it was were Christina had her very first job as a teenager. She has always loved it and I can see why.

Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photographer

That is one very good looking wedding party!!

After a short spell of rain in the afternoon we were blessed with some great light and dramatic skies a little later in the day… I just loved how the rain had no effect on these guys, they just popped up a brolly and got on with it. Great line from Christina “for god sake its only water” Sure I will use that one again;)

We had our good friends from Malvern Wedding Cars on hand to provide transport and all day Craig Owen played some fantastic music both in church and later at the reception. We have not come a cross Craig before but we loved what he does!!!

Wedding At Rivington Barn

Below is just a small selection of our favourite pictures from this great day. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Thanks to everybody at the wedding for making us so welcome!!



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