Inn at Whitewell Wedding Photographer


We were absolutely delighted when Amy and Ben invited us to be their Inn At Whitewell wedding photographers. We love working at this stunning Lancashire wedding venue and were even more excited when we discovered the wedding ceremony was to be held at Ben’s old school, the majestic Stonyhurst College in the Ribble Valley.

There really can’t be any more spectacular view to greet a guest arriving at your wedding than this.

Wedding photographer Lancashire

You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to photographing a wedding at these two fantastic locations. What made Amy and Ben’s wedding special for Stephanie and myself was the fact that we got to photograph inside Stonyhurst for the first time.

Wedding Photographer Lancashire

Wedding Photographer Stonyhurst

After the wedding ceremony our bride and groom along with all the wedding guests made their way across to the schools refectory for a drinks reception, this gave us a short time to get some pictures on the regal staircase and corridors of this amazing building much to the delight of the tourist who were on a guided tour of the historic school and got an unexpected bonus on their visit.

Wedding Photographer Lancashire

Wedding Photographer Stonyhurst

Both Amy and Ben looked fantastic and the entire day was perfect in every detail. Top florist Margaret Mason of Preston did an amazing job decorating the church and also the Marque at The Inn At Whitewell.

Wedding Photographer Clitheroe

We also had lots of fun working once again with superb wedding videographer Rebecca Reville. Rebecca and her team are great to work with and we can’t wait to see her video of this fantastic wedding.

Massive congratulations to Ben and Amy, thanks for inviting us to your big day, we loved every second and thanks to you and your amazing guests for making us feel so welcome!

Here are just a few more of our favourite pictures from the day…….

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