Wedding Photographer Inn At Whitewell

A beautiful relaxed English country wedding in stunning scenery with the perfect little church, the country pub serving amazing food and lots of fun, laughs and great music. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me… Kate and Andrew pulled it of to perfection!

Our brief was very simple, “just do what you guys do, we don’t want loads of posed pictures, capture the day as you see it”. Just how we like to work, and I must say this wedding was an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Wedding Photographer The Inn At Whitewell

Steph started with pictures of Kate and the girls getting ready at The Inn At Whitewell and I met up with Andrew and the guys at there home in Preston.

Wedding Photographer The Inn At Whitewell

Loved Andrew’s wedding suit and perfect choice of accessories. The perfect combination to go with Kate’s classic elegant look.

We also had a very special guest joining us for the day, page boy Oliver, Kate and Andrews 3 month old son who also the most amazing hand made replica of his dad’s wedding suit. I first met Oliver a few days before the wedding when we had a catch up about plans for the wedding day and grab a few pre wedding family portraits. Here is a shot from Oliver’s very first official photo shoot. he is a great little chap!


Anyway lets get back to this amazing wedding day. What a great mix of fun and emotion in the ceremony, with a vicar who could happily have his own TV show! You were never sure of what he was going to say next… are real character and its was nice to have such a light hearted ceremony, perfect for Kate and Andrew style of wedding.

Wedding Photographer The Inn At Whitewell

Then it was back out into that glorious Lancashire sunshine….

As the sun started to set over the rubble Valley we popped out side for a quick photo shoot with Kate and Andrew

Wedding Photographer Manchester

The view across the River Hodder which runs past The Inn At Whitwell is amazing…

Just time before the party started to get a few late evening shots….

This really was the perfect country wedding… here are some more of our favourite pictures from the day.. “Guys, thanks for letting us do our thing”



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