We have waited a long time to photograph Lucie & Leigh’s wedding. It all started when we photographed the first of Lucie’s sister’s, Laura’s wedding some years ago, then we got the invite to photograph sister number two, Rachel’s wedding two years ago. So you can imagine how pleased we were to get a call from Lucie, wanting us to do family wedding number three.

Wedding Photographer Preston

As a wedding photographer it really gets no better than this.. its always nice to be recommended, but to photograph three sisters weddings is pretty special. Over the years we have seen the sisters get married, have children and really enjoyed seeing the lives of this special family change and grow. I must say I have never seen a family closer that theses guys. They are amazing people.

Wedding Photographer The Villa

So on the wedding day its self, it was fantastic to see Laura and Rachel’s sisters with their husbands Ozy and Steve along with their lovely children. It really did make this a special day for Steph and myself, we loved every second!!

Now back to the actual wedding. We had a lovely local family church, and then it was on to the Villa in Wrea Green for the wedding reception and party!! A party which was about to hit the national press and go viral on Youtube.. these guys never do things by half!!

Wedding Photographer Blackpool

It was great to work yet again with the talented  Margaret Mason of Preston, who as always did such a fantastic job with all the flowers and venue decoration. Both the church and the Villa look stunning… and check out those blue skies the weather was amazing!!

Wedding Photographer Blackpool

The Wedding ceremony was an emotional one and Laura and Rachel shed a few very happy tears for their little sister.

Wedding Photographer Lancashire

Wedding Photographer Wrea Green

After some time meeting and greeting guest outside church we all made our way to the Villa for some photographs and a very big party!

We all had a massive surprise late in the day, when Lucie & Leigh did their first dance, all started off very gentle and romantic, but then things wet totally bonkers when they broke out into a very well planned crazy dance routine. Leigh who is a PE teacher, asked some of his pupils to work out the routine for them and what an amazing performance… So good that it made it onto You tube being retweeted by non other than top chef, Gordon Ramsey… Then the following day it hit the local press, followed by the nationals a few days later!!

Here is a little link to some mobile phone footage of the amazing performance…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sutMRULL5pw

Guys a fantastic day! thanks for the Honour of letting us photograph it for you. Steve & Steph x






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